Labour Help For Lawyers


Everybody’s doing it.

Sandwell Cllr Yvonne Davies is now threatening to sue the Labour party alleging she was cheated out of the Sandwell Labour leadership.

Cllr. Ian Jones did it to allow him to stand for Labour in May.

Cllr Mahboob Hussain has said he will do it to clear his name.

And that’s just in Sandwell.


Nationally there has been plenty of talk about legal challenges to the arrangements made for the election of a Labour party leader. The choice now seems to be between a Welsh bloke called Smith, who has the advantage that no one knows who he is, and poor Jeremy Corbyn, with the disadvantage that everyone knows what he is.

There have been death threats and bricks through windows already and the campaign has only just started. Teams of lawyers are standing by.


Watch out for the TV ads. “Are you a Labour party member? Have you been victimised by your party? Contact Lawyers for Labour, the political injury specialists”