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Welcome to the official website of Sandwell Conservative Federation. We are constituted to sustain and promote the objects and values of the Conservative Party in the Parliamentary Constituencies and wards of West Bromwich West, West Bromwich East and Warley. The Sandwell Conservative Federation is a member of and affiliated to the Conservative and Unionist Party and is bound by the Constitution of the Conservative Party.

If you'd like to get in touch with us, please email us on office@sandwellconservatives.org.uk

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Last year Sandwell’s councillors pocketed a staggering £1,253,478.

This coming year it will be more as the greedy trots keen to see a redistribution of wealth from council tax payers into their wallets and handbags have voted themselves a pay increase.

Added to the basic allowance they all receive, just short of half a £million was dished out in special responsibility payments.

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We're delivering on the democratic decision of the British people. The Prime Minister has set out a realistic and practical vision that delivers the referendum decision in full.

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