There is something unusual about Sandwell or, more specifically, about the Labour party in Sandwell.

Is it because that party has been in power for so long in council, it thinks itself untouchable?

It might be that a large number of Labour councillors are arrogant or stupid or stupidly arrogant.

Perhaps, many are afraid of punishment from the Eling stasi (whips office). The recent treatment of their own Cllr. Yvonne Davies was a hang, draw and quartering warning.

Maybe, because it has traded hypocrisy for so long, the party has lost any sense of right or wrong.

Yesterday, the Labour M.P. for Sheffield Hallam, Jared O’Mara resigned from Parliament’s Women and Equalities Select Committee following the disclosure that he had, some 15 years ago, made racist, sexist and homophobic comments on social media. Today he was suspended from the Labour party pending an investigation.

Why has Sandwell’s Labour Cllr Richard Marshall not been similarly suspended while the revelations made by Julian Saunders on the Sandwell Skidder website are investigated?

The allegations against Marshall are recent. The content of his communications disgusting see Sex, Lies, Blogs and Sandwell's Labour Councillors.

Surely, that he may simply have been acting as his master’s voice can give him no defence.

Our stance is the Prime Minister’s. “All of us....should have due care and attention to the way in which we refer to other people and should show women…the respect that they deserve”

It is understood that another senior Sandwell Labour councillor was recently interviewed by the police in connection with the writing of a homophobic poison pen letter.

Nasty people, nasty party, no respect.