Ploughing through the pages of the Whatsapp exchanges between Cllr. Richard Marshall and Julian Saunders is revealing and disturbing. The sheer unpleasantness of some content shames both. Something Mr. Saunders now seems to acknowledge, while Marshall remains in denial. In looking at their relationship, we let them speak for themselves through what they wrote.


Additional to the fantasied sex act involving two female Labour councillors, these two middle aged gentlemen show a somewhat retarded puerile interest in other people’s sex lives, for example;

“14/01/2017, 13:57 - Jules: She must be much younger than him but told [named female employee] who has recently left….. was shagging [named mail employee]!

14/01/2017, 14:00 - Richard Marshall: Correct

14/01/2017, 14:01 - Richard Marshall: Late 20s

14/01/2017, 14:03 - Richard Marshall: theThey were both on my to go list from the off.”


Marshall calls the tune which Saunders gratefully pipes. He throws the information tit bits which Saunders gratefully and greedily devours

16/09/2016, 11:24 - Richard Marshall: Oh and btw I'm hoping to have some real gems for you next wk

16/09/2016, 11:24 - Jules: Oh good!!!!”

He blows the whistle to signal publication, deciding when information is tweeted or blogged.

06/09/2016, 21:14 - Richard Marshall: Can I trust you to leave something till tomorrow??

06/09/2016, 21:16 - Jules: Of course - ex solicitor!!!!


21/09/2016, 21:11 - Richard Marshall: I'd hang fire on your AS expose if I were you

21/09/2016, 21:12 - Jules: Will do!!!



In a process designed to flatter the publicist, so that he’s feeding tamely from Marshall’s hand, there’s congratulatory feedback when Saunders performs;

13/09/2016, 20:55 - Richard Marshall: Lollzzz. I saw your tweet about the air quality at his houses by the motorway and I thought, air quality will be last on their minds when travellers are shitting in the back gardens!!

14/09/2016, 18:04 - Richard Marshall: Nice piece!! ??

When Saunders is slow to react to information he gets a Marshall prod.

08/10/2016, 10:46 - Richard Marshall: Don't forget to tweet about them twats on holiday, you terrify them


12/09/2016, 21:11 - Richard Marshall: That info I gave you re meeting being cancelled? It is for sharing!

12/09/2016, 21:14 - Jules: Ok

12/09/2016, 21:15 - Richard Marshall: My own fault I shouldve said

12/09/2016, 21:19 - Jules: Done!



The information fed to Saunders is an insidious mix of facts and largely unsupported allegations. The purpose is to pass off allegations as facts.

Marshall controls the flow. When Saunders asks;

22/09/2016, 09:21 - Jules: I would love to know the Kellas story one day.....

He’s brushed off with; 22/09/2016, 09:23 - Richard Marshall: So many stories so little time.

Despite Saunders’ probing, Marshall attempts to conceal that he’s the councillor sued for none payment of council tax. But he’s free with allegations against fellow Labour councillors.



The relationship gets rocky when Saunders starts probing the activities of Eling gang members in the Sandwell cabinet.

07/10/2016, 18:20 - Jules: I am working on Hackett story.

07/10/2016, 18:25 - Richard Marshall: Can you let me in on it first please ……………… I know before you were poking DC [Darren Cooper] and SMBC with a stick but your now an ally of ours and we really need to work together to get best results.

07/10/2016, 18:40 - Richard Marshall: Re this Simon story and the house lettings etc do you want to meet up again and discuss properly? We all have same aims

When Saunders persists Marshall’s tone becomes harsher;

14/10/2016, 20:51 - Richard Marshall: Julian, the information you have been fed….. is factually incorrect and is designed ….. to have you silenced by us feel free to ignore me at your peril

He cajoles 14/10/2016, 20:55 - Richard Marshall: I am telling you as a mate you are being taken for a pratt. You are far cleverer than me , you decide who to trust

Then threatens 14/10/2016, 21:00 - Richard Marshall: I do not know what SH did or didn't do, I'm more concerned at this point about you, if I'm wrong re publish. MH and IJ want you gone ……has been feeding you crap for ages in the hope they'd get to a point wed shut you down. You decide

Saunders reflects that he might be being used;

14/10/2016, 21:05 - Jules:….The SH [Simon Hackett] thing - if true - is really serious. I know you want me to hit MH & IJ [Mahboob Hussain and Ian Jones] but if one of your side acts really badly you want me to keep mouth shut?

Finally, the following day 15/10/2016, 11:29 - Richard Marshall: I do not know what the allegation is. I do know that the information you have is incorrect and is heading you in the direction of a libel case.

If he didn’t know the allegation, he couldn’t have known it was libellous. A clumsy attempt to control and frighten?



In disclosing information, or seeking it, Marshall has no regard for confidentiality.

He confirms to Saunders the names of employees who gave evidence for the Wragge report despite their being promised anonymity.

He reveals the decisions of a Constituency Labour Party meeting.

He asks Saunders to identify whistle blowers employed by the council;

05/10/2016, 07:54 - Richard Marshall: ….., our plan has been as much as possible to follow the first rule of assassination, but we are going to miss some key individuals. Any help you can give identifying them would be much appreciated, I know you don't like naming names but even a direction would help

05/10/2016, 08:05 - Jules: To be fair most insiders are remaining anonymous or using false names.

To dissuade Saunders from running a piece on a particular Sandwell employee he writes 05/01/2017, 21:03 - Richard Marshall: Like I said , I won't try to sway you in whatever you want to do that's not my place or my way I just wanted to make you aware of his mental state.



Sometimes, Marshall’s guard slips and he makes some surprising revelations.

His view on travellers is relaxed

30/09/2016, 21:04 - Richard Marshall: One family last year alone cost us 130k , I am really laid back happy to live and let live , cant say publicy as id get shot……

What he thinks of the police is not so flattering;

31/08/2016, 21:03 - Richard Marshall: But it'd be nice if you insinuated that you'd found out via WMP source


13/10/2016, 13:33 - Richard Marshall: No tweets about The Gob?

13/10/2016, 13:34 - Jules: How do you mean? About what?

13/10/2016, 13:34 - Richard Marshall: About the police


30/09/2016, 20:42 - Richard Marshall: You go on about Council officers but police are worse by far !


Nor is he any more complimentary about the Labour party or fellow councillors;

13/10/2016, 08:59 - Richard Marshall: I dont think the party or the police have any reputation left to salvage do they?

After discussion about a particular Wednesbury councillor;

18/02/2017, 21:57 - Jules: Well I wouldn"t trust him as far as I could spit at him but then I suppose that goes for many of your comrades!

18/02/2017, 21:59 - Richard Marshall: Unfortunately id agree with much of that but i didnt pick them



Marshall displays a remarkable lack of self knowledge when Saunders suggests he might be seen as a bully.

18/10/2016, 14:49 - Jules: You need to watch your back as staff are accusing you of "bullying". Only natural given circs but mud sticks even where it shouldn't.

18/10/2016, 15:20 - Richard Marshall: Well i might be behind changes but bully is the furthest thing away from describing me you could ever imagine

18/10/2016, 15:28 - Richard Marshall: It's not mud it's shit ! I've never bullied a sole in my life

He seems to lack the insight to appreciate that his propaganda war against fellow Labour councillors and council employees might be described as bullying, even though;14/09/2016, 19:15 - Richard Marshall: We made a conscious decision to hit them with something new each week which we've achieved, some of that has been with your help so I thank you good sir.

14/09/2016, 19:15 - Jules: My pleasure I can assure you....

Any criticism of his own conduct, Marshall sees as a conspiracy.His response to widespread social media criticism of the organisation of a park bonfire and firework display, for which he was responsible, is an example;

09/11/2016, 19:38 - Jules: Were you implying the hand of the Satchwell clan in social media complaints re Dartmouth Park?

09/11/2016, 19:40 - Richard Marshall: Satchwell, Bailey, Jones, Tipton tories that MH has now signed up to the Labour Party and Pat Collins funfair.

A Sandwell MBC commissioned ROSPA report later supported the criticisms.

The man who publicly brandished a banner against discrimination was more primitive in private asking with reference to a Labour colleague;

12/01/2017, 11:10 - Richard Marshall: Do you also know he has a Cock in a frock?

12/01/2017, 11:10 - Jules: Yep

Marshall cons himself with reference to his role and importance; 27/09/2016, 10:47 - Richard Marshall: Jericho is having a refurb by the builder from Bearwood.


While he was spending time rebuilding Jerusalem in Sandwell he can have had little time for his cabinet responsibilities; 11/09/2016, 11:03 - Richard Marshall: Hopefully soon I'll be able to spend some time on my portfolio.

Perhaps he’s another unnecessary expense for Sandwell tax-payers. What is clear is that Marshall, in the arrogance of power, acted to manipulate social media for political ends and showed few scruples in doing so.


Next time we deal with those he attacked and who was behind him.