Two ill run organisations have recently resorted to the press in pathetic attempts to explain their inadequacies.

Sandwell MBC, planning a rent and a council tax rise, found it necessary to justify its allowing rent arrears to rise to £5.7 million. This sum is an increase of £1.6million on the figure supplied, by the council, in January 2020 under a freedom of information request. Either the council, not for the first time, was telling a porky in that response or the odd £1.6million just slipped its mind. That’s the type of ineffective stewardship of public funds practised by this socialist rag bag.

Sandwell’s first justification for this state of affairs and the 21st century excuse for many administrative failings was “the computer”. New software is being acquired at a cost of £400,000 with a projection that this will lead to the recovery of £700.000 in a year. So then, if no further arrears accrue, next year, only £5million will remain owing. Big deal.

The second justification was to blame the government. With the patronising condescension which socialists apply to people, the council claimed the direct payment of Universal Credit to claimants meant that tenants failed to pay their rent. It’s the old socialist mantra; ordinary people are incapable and have to have their lives micro managed for them. Utter rot.

The second organisation was West Midlands Police. A report of H.M’s Inspectorate of Constabulary stated that people were failing to report crimes because of the low detection rate in some police forces and a consequent lack of confidence in the police.

Despite his own force not having been inspected, the Chief Constable of the West Midlands was quick out the traps with his excuses. According to him the problem lay with crime recording; “If you drive a pretty senseless crime recording approach we are going to record lots of undetectable matters” said Dave Thompson.

And, of course, he is right. Taken to its logical conclusion, Thompson’s approach would be to record crime only if the offender were caught and convicted. That way the detection rate for his force would soar in the game of lies, damned lies and statistics. His excuse is arrant nonsense and fails to address the problem of WMP’s poor performance in crime detection.

The Chief Constable is misleading the public, treating them as gullible idiots. Worse, if his approach is being adopted by his force and WMP is actively discouraging people from reporting crime, its detection rate may be even lower than published. Time for a change at the top?