Government money has come to Sandwell to support our campaign for road repairs and improvements.

Sandwell Conservatives have complained and campaigned about the poor state of Sandwell’s roads, particularly the large number of potholes found in roads all over the borough. Motorists have suffered vehicle damage as a result and road safety is imperilled as drivers swerve to avoid them.

Now the government has allocated, through the Department of Transport, £310,000 for pothole repairs in Sandwell.

This is part of a £3million fund for councils to repair winter related road damage. Sandwell was a leading Black Country beneficiary of this funding, outstripping Wolverhampton and Walsall in the cash obtained.

The funding is additional to the £75million already allotted to councils this year for roads and the extra £46million announced at the end of 2017 for highway authorities.

Sandwell has been given the cash to repair around 6,000 potholes. The Labour council needs to get on with it. All Tory councillors elected in May will hold their feet to the fire to ensure they do.